John 3:22-31
What is your life goal?
What's one of your life verses?
John 3:1-21
Where do you come to Jesus in the dark?
How are you bringing light into your home?
John 2:13-25
What do you care about enough to get angry about?
John 2:1-11
Where is God turning water to wine in your life?
John 1:35-51
Where did you see Jesus today?
John 1:29-34
If someone came up to you and asked who Jesus was, what are two things you would tell them? 
John 1:19-28
Who are you? How would you answer this question in one sentence?
John 1:14-18
What aspect of Jesus in these first 18 verses do you find most attractive?
John 1:6-13
Where are you shinning the spotlight? How can you be “in the world” in this time of social distancing?
John 1:1-5
Where do you hear God in your day today?
Why was Jesus nicknamed “The Word”?