Easter at Northminster

Join us for a daring journey as we step into the heart of Easter festivities. Get ready to cast aside caution and immerse yourself in the transformative power of the season. Explore our lineup of engaging events and celebrate the timeless tale of hope, redemption, and new beginnings like never before. Come, be swept into the wonder of Easter at Northminster Church!

Cross on the Lawn

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Good Friday 

On the Friday before Easter at 7:00 PM - Step into the deep soul of this week. Sometimes, only music can take us to the places we need to go. The choir will serve as our guide, escorting us to the cross. So join us as we climb that Good Friday hill and experience the depth of his love.

Easter Sunday

March 31st

Bring your dancing shoes! It's a day to celebrate and remember forever. This day is the one day that inevitable, unstoppable death was defeated. This day, the Lord of life did not stay politely in a grave. The Lamb that was sacrificed is now the Lord who shares Life! Do you want a taste of the Life?


Step into this incredible story and discover it is so much more than a story, it's our present adventure.

Easter Countdown


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Easter Flowers

There will be a variety of flowers in the Easter Sunday display.

The cost of the Easter Flowers is $16.00 each. If you want to pay by check, please stop by the office to fill out this information.

Deadline to order is Sunday, March 17th