Welcome Home!  Experience the Miracle of Easter!

On that first Easter we learned that the tomb, with all its power, didn’t have strength enough to stop Jesus from breaking out.  A couple millennia later, we need a miracle that echoes that first Easter. Every one of us has had first-hand experience with a different sort of captivity.  

We at Northminster are praying that at some point in 2021 every one of us will experience freedom.  We will reconnect.  We will come to each other’s homes and reacquaint ourselves with each-other’s faces, we will share food and life, we will laugh and cry, and who knows we might even hug.  In that time between what is and what will be, remember there is a table set and a seat saved for you at your faith home. 

Easter In-Person

April 4, 2021

9:00 | Modern Worship

See you in-person at 9:00 am for Modern Worship in The Well!

Grab a set inside, or if you would be more comfortable sitting outside, we will have speakers and chairs waiting for you (if you have a favorite lawn chair, bring it with you).

11:00 | Traditional Worship

Join us at 11:00 am for Traditional Worship in the Sanctuary.

Easter Online

Worship any-time on-demand right here or on the Northminster App!