Big Step

Our Vision

Becoming a vital, strong, and faithful outpost for Christ and our community for the next 50+ years!  

Our Aspirational DNA


We really aren’t seeking to be centered on politics, denomination, or fulfilling the American dream. In ideological ways we are diverse, Christ is our center and our unity. 

Vision First

When deciding what to do with our resources we are led by the vision he has given us.

Making Ripples 

We aren’t content unless we are making a difference for the Kingdom of God in our community and the varied communities of our members. 

What We Believe

We Believe in God
We Believe in Jesus
We Believe in the Holy Spirit
God has Spoken and Still Speaks
God Calls Us Together
God Sends Us Out into the World

Our Staff

Greg Kennedy

Senior Pastor, Head of Staff

Mike Steel

Executive Director of Programs

Cathy Wells

Executive Director of Administration

Sara Potts

Director of Children's Minsitry

Solomon Farris

Director of Student Ministries

Susan Smith

Office Manager

Trudy Teemley

Ministry Assistant

Jason Colemann

Director of Maintenance Operations

Tom Haines

Production Director

Carolyn Miller

Director of Traditional Music

Rachel Steel

Director of Modern Worship

Karen Balogh


Diane Siegal

Nursery Assistant

Casey Burgemeir

Student Ministry Assistant

Katie Dashley

Kids Ministry Assistant

Angela Wurzelbacher

Kids Ministry Assistant

Lissa Ray

Bell Choir Coordinator

Laura McGrath

Groups Coordinator

Gary Tyler

Traditional Music Coordinator

Mark Kremzar

Next Steps Coordinator

Laurie Lanning

Missions Coordinator

Beth Mizelle

Financial Assistant

Don Bahr


A Church With Our Community